Indiana Hoosiers Football Wallpaper

Indiana Hoosiers Football Online

Download free University of Indiana football wallpaper, pictures, screensavers and desktop backgrounds. You can download a Hoosiers picture you love and use it for your own unique computer desktop wallpaper background.

Indiana Football Wallpaper

We now have downloads of Indiana Hoosiers wallpaper for iPad or Mac. Get Indiana Hoosier cell phone wallpaper for your iPhone and Android. Get access to our huge inventory of Indiana football wallpaper at Big Ten Football Online.

Indiana Logo Wallpaper

Indiana Logo Wallpaper

Follow these steps to use your own Indiana Hoosiers sports pictures as a wallpaper or screensaver. You can have a custom IU wallpaper on your PC, cell phone, or laptop. Best of all, it’s easier than you think. Follow these four easy steps for an original University of Indiana wallpaper on your computer:

1.Find out the computer screen resolution. Before you begin, figure out what size the Indiana Hoosiers picture needs to be. Fortunately, this is really easy. Just right click a blank area on your desktop and select Properties from the menu. Then, click the Settings tab on the resulting screen. Look at the Screen resolution area and write down the current setting.

2. Pick an IU Hoosiers photo. Then go to your pictures file and open the photo you want to use in Paint.

Indiana Football Stadium

Indiana Football Stadium Wallpaper

3. Change the image to match your monitor resolution. This setting varies by program, but it’s often found under the Edit or Image menu in most programs.

4. Save it as a JPEG and put it in the My Pictures folder for easy reference. Right click your desktop, select Properties from the resulting menu, then go the Desktop tab. Click the Browse button and navigate to the Indiana Hoosiers wallpaper you just saved. Select it, hit OK, and the picture will automatically become your computer wallpaper.

Big Ten Football Wallpaper

Big Ten Football Wallpaper

Find Indiana Hoosiers football wallpaper backgrounds, Hoosiers football screensavers, and IU football helmet layouts at Big Ten Football Online. Just right click and save this Big Ten Conference wallpaper to your computer and use it as your computer desktop background.