2012 Big Ten Football Schedule Grid

This is the 2012 Big Ten Football Schedule Grid for all Big Ten schools for the 2012 Season. Find the dates and matchups for each team for each fall weekend on this one page Big Ten Football Schedule. Each school plays twelve games and has one open date during the regular season. The Big Ten Championship Game will be played on December 1, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy.

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2012 Big Ten Schedule Tickets Sept1 Sept8 Sept15 Sept22 Sept29 Oct6 Oct13 Oct20 Oct27 Nov3 Nov10 Nov17 Nov24
Illinois Fighting Illini UI Tickets WMich @ArizSt CharSo LaTech PSU @WISC @MICH OPEN IND @OSU MINN PUR @NW
Indiana Hoosiers IU Tickets IndSt @UMass BallSt OPEN @NW MSU OSU @Navy @ILL IOWA WISC @PSU @PUR
Iowa Hawkeyes IowaTickets NIU IowaSt NIowa CMich MINN OPEN @MSU PSU @NW @IND PUR @MICH NEB
Michigan Wolverines MichTickets Alabama AFA UMass @NDame OPEN @PUR ILL MSU @NEB @MINN NW IOWA @OSU
Michigan St Spartans MSU Tickets BoiseSt @CMich NDame EMich OSU @IND IOWA @MICH @WISC NEB OPEN NW @MINN
Minnesota Gophers MinnTickets @UNLV NHamp WMich Syr @IOWA OPEN NW @WISC PUR MICH @ILL @NEB MSU
Nebraska Cornhuskers Neb Tickets SMiss @UCLA ArkSt IdahoSt WISC @OSU OPEN @NW MICH @MSU PSU MINN @IOWA
Northwestern Wildcats NW Tickets @Syr Vandy BC SDakota IND @PSU @MINN NEB IOWA OPEN @MICH @MSU ILL
Ohio State Buckeyes OSU Tickets MiamiO UCF Cal UAB @MSU NEB @IND PUR @PSU ILL OPEN @WISC MICH
Penn St Nittany Lions PSU Tickets Ohio @UVa Navy Temple @ILL NW OPEN @IOWA OSU @PUR @NEB IND WISC
Purdue Boilermakers Pur Tickets EKen @NDame EMich OPEN Marsh MICH WISC @OSU @MINN PSU @IOWA @ILL IND
Wisconsin Badgers WiscTickets NIowa @OreSt UtahSt UTEP @NEB ILL @PUR MINN MSU OPEN @IND OSU @PSU

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