UCLA Ringtones

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UCLA is a member of the Big Ten Conference. Sons of Westwood is the official fight song of UCLA. Unlike most official fight songs, Sons of Westwood isn’t played after a Bruin touchdown – the UCLA Band plays “The Mighty Bruins”.

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UCLA Ringtones

UCLA Fight Song

Sons of Westwood

We are Bruins, Sons of Westwood
And we hail the Blue and Gold
True to thee our hearts will be
Our love will not grow old,
Bruins roam the hills of Westwood
and by the blue Pacific shore
And when they chance to see
Their team near victory
Every Bruin starts to roar

U…C…L…A…UCLA, fight, fight, fight!

The Mighty Bruins

We are the mighty Bruins
The best team in the west!
We’re marching on to victory
To conquer all the rest.
We are the mighty Bruins,
Triumphant ever more,
And you can hear
From far and near
The Mighty Bruin(s) roar!


U…C…L…A…UCLA, fight, fight, fight!

Repeat chorus, then shout:

Go… Fight… Win… Bruins!!


We’re looking over our dead dog, Rover,
That we overran tonight, all right!
One leg is broken, the other is bent,
And in his head, there’s a great big dent.
No need explaining the parts remaining
Are scattered all over the field.
We’re looking over our dead dog, Rover,
That we overran tonight!

U! (3 claps)
C! (3 claps)
L! (3 claps)
A! (3 claps)

U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!